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Series 6 of Ex on the Beach, a British television programme, began airing on January 17, 2017 on MTV. The series was confirmed on November 2, 2016. The group of cast members for this series include Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, former The Only Way Is Essex star Nicole Bass and Love Island contestant Josh Ritchie. It also features the return of Ross Worswick following his appearance in the first series of the show. Shortly after the series it was announced that Zahida Allen had joined the cast of Geordie Shore for the fourteenth series. Josh later returned for the seventh series, this time as an ex.


The official list of cast members were released on December 13, 2016. They include four boys, Alex Leslie, Josh Ritchie, Ross Worswick and Sean Pratt; and four girls, Harriette Harper, Maisie Gillespie, Zahida Allen and ZaraLena Jackson. Ross has previously appeared in the first series of the show whereas Josh featured in the first series of Love Island. With the announcement of the line-up it was also confirmed that Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers would be arriving on the beach as an ex as well as former The Only Way Is Essex cast member Nicole Bass.

All original cast members arrived at the beach during the first episode and were immediately told to prepare for the arrival of their exes. The first episode also included Zahida's ex-boyfriend Joe McLean arrive on the beach hell-bent on revenge against her, and The Only Way Is Essex star Nicole Bass show up as Josh's ex-fling. Jack Devlin made his debut during the second episode determined to rekindle the relationship with his ex-girlfriend Harriette. He is also Nicole's ex. This episode also featured the shock arrival of Alex's ex-girlfriend Alice Downer who showed up at the villa with no warning. The third episode featured the arrival of Geordie Shore cast member Aaron Chalmers, who arrived at the villa in a helicopter to surprise his ex one-night stand Maisie. The Tablet of Terror also have Josh the power to send one of his housemates home during this episode, and he chose Alex. Another ex of Nicole's is unearthed during the fourth episode as Adam Oukhellou turns up with the clear intention to cause trouble. During the fifth episode Aaron's ex-girlfriend Becca Edwards arrived with unfinished business, whilst Alice made an unexplained departure from the villa. Jacques Fraser arrives during the sixth episode to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend Nicole following rumours that he cheated on her, but he's left sick to his stomach during the seventh episode when the girl he cheated on her with Frankie Isabella arrives on the beach to reveal the whole truth. Zaralena also left the villa during this episode following one too many arguments. Trouble arises when Chanelle McLeary arrives as Josh's ex during the eighth episode, and she's quickly removed from the villa after a violent stand-off with Zahida. Jacques also leaves the villa during this episode when the Tablet of Terror forces Sean into sending somebody home. The penultimate episode featured the arrival of Jenny Thompson, the ex-girlfriend of Josh who turned up to see if he had matured, as well as Maisie's ex-boyfriend Sam Stoddart who arrived desperate for closure. The final episode included the arrival of Taylor Morgan declaring war on her ex-boyfriend Sean.

Episodes Name Age Hometown Exes
2 Alex Leslie 25 London Alice Downer
10 Harriette Harper 25 Essex Jack Devlin
10 Josh Ritchie 22 Bolton Chanelle McCleary, Jenny Thompson and Nicole Bass
10 Maisie Gillespie 20 Cardiff Aaron Chalmers and Sam Stoddart
10 Ross Worswick 27 Manchester
10 Sean Pratt 26 Coventry Taylor Morgan
10 Zahida Allen 22 Newcastle Joe McLean
7 ZaraLena Jackson 24 Preston
2 Joe McLean 23 Newcastle Zahida Allen
10 Nicole Bass 25 Essex Adam Oukhellou, Jack Devlin, Jacques Fraser and Josh Ritchie
9 Jack Devlin 24 Essex Frankie Isabella, Harriette Harper and Nicole Bass
4 Alice Downer 22 London Alex Leslie
8 Aaron Chalmers 29 Newcastle Becca Edwards and Maisie Gillespie
7 Adam Oukhellou London Frankie Isabella and Nicole Bass
6 Becca Edwards 24 Newcastle Aaron Chalmers
3 Jacques Fraser 26 Essex Frankie Isabella and Nicole Bass
4 Frankie Isabella 24 Walthamstow Adam Oukhellou, Jack Devlin and Jacques Fraser
1 Chanelle McCleary 25 Manchester Josh Ritchie
2 Jenny Thompson 26 Bolton Josh Ritchie
2 Sam Stoddart 21 Yorkshire Maisie Gillespie
1 Taylor Morgan 21 Nuneaton Sean Pratt


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Episode Date Official MTV Rating MTV Weekly Rank Official MTV+1 Rating Total MTV Viewers
Episode 1 January 17, 2017 725,000 1 5,000 730,000
Episode 2 January 24, 2017 751,000 1 7,000 758,000
Episode 3 January 31, 2017 753,000 1 12,000 765,000
Episode 4 February 7, 2017 794,000 1 10,000 804,000
Episode 5 February 14, 2017 777,000 1 43,000 820,000
Episode 6 February 21, 2017 776,000 1 22,000 798,000
Episode 7 February 28, 2017 794,000 1 5,000 799,000
Episode 8 March 7, 2017 911,000 1 5,000 916,000
Episode 9 March 14, 2017 849,000 1 41,000 890,000
Episode 10 March 21, 2017 739,000 1 26,000 765,000
Average Viewers 787,000 1 18,000 805,000