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The following is a list of episodes for the British reality television series, Ex on the Beach that first aired on MTV on August 22, 2014 and has so far ran for 7 series.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally Aired
First Aired Last Aired
1 8 April 22, 2014 June 10, 2014
2 8 January 27, 2015 March 17, 2015
3 10 August 11, 2015 October 13, 2015
4 8 January 19, 2016 March 8, 2016
5 10 August 16, 2016 October 18, 2016
6 10 January 17, 2017 March 21, 2017


Series 1

Series 1 (EOTB)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
1 1 Episode 1 April 22, 2014
Eight singles arrive at the beach hoping to find love completely unaware of what's about to hit them. Chloe is torn between Ashley and Marco as both compete for her affections, whereas Farah feels isolated from the group. Ross, the new arrival causes shockwaves as it becomes clear he has a secret past with Chloe, but as Vicky grows closer to him she becomes determined to get to the truth. The penny finally drops when the gang realise they will soon be joined by their exes, but it's too late for Marco when his ex-girlfriend Frankie arrives hell-bent for revenge.
2 2 Episode 2 April 29, 2014
It doesn't take long for Marco and Frankie to clear the air before they end up in bed together, but Liam decides to stir the pot by telling her that he actually likes Emily instead. Ashley is rocked when he's caught in a compromising position by his ex-girlfriend Talitha, whilst Ross and Vicky continue with their blossoming romance despite worries of stepping on Chloe's toes. Frankie becomes convinced that Emily is trying to steal Marco so unleashes her frustration, and Liam's lies begin to surface. Following a huge argument with the girls, Frankie packs her bags and vows to leave.
3 3 Episode 3 May 6, 2014
Frankie lashes out at Marco once again for not defending her, whilst Ashley angers Talitha by flirting with Chloe in front of her face. Vicky's world is town apart when Ross' ex Emma Jane turns up at the beach, and she soon realises everything may not be as they seem. Talitha gives Ashley a taste of his own medicine by flirting with Jack, and it's the end of the road for Vicky and Ross. Elsewhere Emily and Frankie's feud is reignited when the Tablet of Terror sends Emily on a date with Marco, and Chloe is upset after discovering Ross has blown her secret.
4 4 Episode 4 May 13, 2014
Ashley's continuous flirting with Chloe riles Talitha. A face from Vicky's past turns up on the beach wanting to rekindle what they had but she faces the difficult task of telling him what she's previously got up to with Ross. Frankie is forced to leave the villa due to an illness much to the delight of Marco, whilst Chloe isolates herself from the girls after going from boy to boy. Ashley is left raging after finding out that Liam has been dropping poison in Talitha's ear, and Vicky is smitten with Dan, unaware that another ex is waiting in the wings.
5 5 Episode 5 May 20, 2014
The truth begins to unravel as Marco and Ashley realise that Liam has been telling lies about them, as the girls are sent to bootcamp to bond with each other. Talitha is devastated when her ex-boyfriend Joss shows up on the beach with a vendetta against Ashley, but there's more than meets the eye. Emily and Liam's camping date descends into chaos as the pair fall out, and Talitha panics that her secrets are about to spill when she sees Ashley and Joss clearing the air. Following another argument with Ashley, Liam decides to spread another rumour about him.
6 6 Episode 6 May 27, 2014
Things turn awkward for Joss when Talitha tells him that her and Ashley are back together. Farah is head over heels for Joss until the arrival of his ex-girlfriend shakes things up, but it's Ross who grabs her attention. Chloe is knocked for six when Ross tells her he still has feelings for her before jumping into bed with Shelby, meanwhile Vicky grills Dan on his real intentions with her. Knowing that it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out, Talitha is forced to tell Ashley about her past kiss with Joss causing serious ructions in the villa.
7 7 Episode 7 June 3, 2014
Talitha's lie proves to be the final nail in the coffin for her relationship with Ashley, and he wastes no time in turning back to Chloe. There's carnage at the beach when Ricci turns up to greet his ex-fiance Vicky, and she fears that he could spell trouble for her blossoming romance with Dan. Liam can't believe his luck when he discovers that Ashley and Chloe have spent the night together and revels in telling Talitha. Meanwhile Joss makes a discovery of his own, Ross and Shelby get closer, and Talitha unleashes her building fury on Ashley.
8 8 Episode 8 June 10, 2014
Tension rises in the villa as a divide forms between those on Team Vicky and Team Ricci. Shelby is put in an awkward position when she's forced to tell Ross that she's spent the night with Liam. Chloe makes herself unpopular with the girls by defending Ricci, and Liam goes a step too far causing another fight in the group. Ashley is removed from the villa due to aggressive behaviour, whilst Farah and Joss hit the rocks. Vicky and Ricci finally attempt to put aside their differences, and the group head to the beach for the final time.

Series 2

Series 2 (EOTB)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
9 1 Episode 1 January 27, 2015
As a new group of singles arrive on the beach and are instantly hit with the news that their exes are on their way. Anita and Kayleigh find themselves competing for Rogan's attention, and Kayleigh is delighted when she manages to get Rogan into the penthouse, but she's left reeling after the pair clash and he ends up getting with Anita. There's devastation in the villa as Kayleigh's ex-boyfriend Adam shows up at the beach to cause trouble, and just as Connor and Melissa begin to grow close, his ex-girlfriend Megan arrives with an axe to grind.
10 2 Episode 2 February 3, 2015
Tensions rise between Megan and Melissa when Megan tries to win Connor back, unaware he wants nothing to do with her. Connor loses his cool when he spots Morgan trying to muscle in on his new romance with Melissa, whilst Anita and Rogan get passionate. The arrival of Rogan's ex-girlfriend Jess leaves a bad taste in Anita's mouth and she's confused by Rogan's sudden U-turn, and Adam deliberately casues trouble for Kayleigh before jumping into bed with Loren. Rogan and Jess share a heart-to-heart, and Loren is baffled by her feelings for Adam fearing how Kayleigh will react.
11 3 Episode 3 February 10, 2015
Anita puts on a brave face after witnessing Jess and Rogan together again, whilst Lauren is petrified of telling Kayleigh the truth about her kiss with Adam. Jess quickly realises Rogan hasn't been entirely honest with her, and the tension between Connor and Morgan increases. The villa is turned upside down as Melissa's former flame Gary turns up to stir things, and they're instantly joined by Emily, who already has three exes residing in the villa. Melissa is quick to turn her back on Connor following Gary's arrival, and Jess is distraught when Rogan's attention turns to Emily.
12 4 Episode 4 February 17, 2015
Kayleigh finds herself getting angry again when she catches Adam and Emily getting close. Despite being hurt by Rogan's recent behaviour, Jess ends up in his bed once again. Adam feels isolated when the girls gang up to force him out of the villa for Kayleigh's sake, and his day goes from bad to worse when he finds out that Connor has also kissed Emily. Just as she's starting to get close to Gary, Anita is knocked for six when her ex-boyfriend Joe arrives on the beach. Adam makes a huge gesture to the group in an attempt to gain their forgiveness.
13 5 Episode 5 February 24, 2015
Anita is in pieces following the arrival of her ex-boyfriend, and dreads telling him the truth about her and Gary, but Kayleigh revels in Anita's misery as she accidentally tells the truth. Jess is disappointed for allowing herself to go back to Rogan, but when her back is turned he makes a move on Megan. Joe and Anita clash when the truth about Gary is in the open, but there's further heartbreak when he discovers she's also slept with Rogan. Elsewhere, Kayleigh and Adam go on another awkward date, and Charlotte turns up on the beach.
14 6 Episode 6 March 3, 2015
Jess is all out for revenge after discovering Rogan has kissed Megan, and uses his best friend Morgan as a pawn. Charlotte and Adam get close as they go on a romantic date together, whilst Rogan and Morgan fallout after the reveal of another secret kiss. Kayleigh rages when she catches Adam in bed with Charlotte, but there's further confrontation when Psycho Charlotte is unleashed. Luke is greeted by his ex-girlfriend Danielle who is out to rekindle their love, and Rogan is happy as Morgan puts their friendship before Jess.
15 7 Episode 7 March 10, 2015
Kayleigh tells Charlotte that she's still in love with Adam whilst Rogan finally realises he has strong feelings for Jess. Ashley makes his return to the beach as Emily's ex, but immediately hits it off with Kayleigh. Despite Gary telling Ashley that Anita is out of bounds, it doesn't stop him from trying his luck with her causing huge friction in the villa. Kayleigh is smitten after spending the night with Ashley, but his attention turns to Melissa the following day. The girls scrap over their mutual feelings towards Ashley, and Rogan and Jess reconcile.
16 8 Episode 8 March 17, 2015
Melissa and Kayleigh's on-going feud continues when the topic of Ashley is brought up for discussion. Charlotte and Gaz reminisce over old times, whilst Melissa apologises to Connor for the way she's been treating him. The group's final banquet descends into chaos when a drunk Anita clases with Ashley, Joe and Gary. Connor finally gets Melissa into bed, and Anita and Gary have make up sex. The Tablet of Terror has one last surprise for the cast with one final trip to the beach, whose ex is next?

Series 3

Series 3 (EOTB)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
17 1 Episode 1 August 11, 2015
A brand new batch of singles arrive looking for love but are immediately regretting it after finding out their exes will be joining them. Bear and Megan M hit it off on their first date, but as he gets back to the villa it's Amy who he's smooching. Amy erupts when she hears that Bear has denied kissing her, but then ends up in his bed much to the annoyance of Megan M. As her attention draws to Kirk, Megan M is left instantly jealous when he takes a liking to Laura's ex-flame Jemma instead. Following the first night drama, Amy feels isolated from the group, but things get a whole lot worse when her ex-boyfriend Jordan arrives at the beach.
18 2 Episode 2 August 18, 2015
Things get increasingly worse for Amy when she's forced to listen to Megan R describe her date with Jordan, whilst Bear feels the wrath of Megan M when things get personal during a game of "Would you rather?", causing Bear and Amy to find solace in each other's arms. After making up the next day with Bear, Megan M rages with Amy when she discovers they've spent the night together and sets her sighs on Jordan in an attempt to get back at her. Elsewhere Jemma and Kirk's perfect date is interrupted by the arrival of her ex Marty, and Jayden and Griff clash.
19 3 Episode 3 August 25, 2015
The competition between Bear and Jordan intensifies as Megan M can't decide who she likes more. After getting with Amy, Marty reports back to Jordan with harsh words about her, but they soon spread around the villa causing an almighty confrontation. Marty's distraught following the arrival of his ex-girlfriend Sarah, who knows how to push his buttons when she goes on a date with Bear. Megan M finally makes up her mind and chooses to be with Jordan, whilst Bear returns to the villa to a warzone when the group discover that he's been telling lies about them.
20 4 Episode 4 September 1, 2015
Bear wakes up to plenty of tension following the recent drama, but there's more awkwardness as Marty goes on a date with all of his exes. Cami-Li arrives on the beach and immediately explodes with ex-fiance Kirk. The villa erupts when Cami-Li gets personal with both Jemma and Laura, whilst Marty and Sarah end up having sex again. Kirk and Cami-Li finally settle their differences for the first time since their break-up, and he agrees not to get with Jemma again out of respect, but when he lies to Jemma about his promise, there are more kick-offs back at the villa.
21 5 Episode 5 September 8, 2015
Kirk isn't happy with Jemma and Cami-Li's new alliance. There's trouble in paradise when Jordan's ex-girlfriend arrives to stir things up between them and Megan M, and he plays right into her hands following a date together. Megan M releases her inner psycho once more with Ali on the receiving end, meanwhile Marty delivers some harsh home truths to Sarah after she suspects he's getting close to Amy again. Elsewhere Jordan chooses to stay with Megan M, and Kirk and Griff end up in an almighty clash over Ali. Bear tries his luck with Griff's ex Holly, and Kirk contemplates leaving.
22 6 Episode 6 September 15, 2015
Kirk and Ali get increasingly closer until Vicky's arrival sparks trouble. Jemma and Cami-Li both predict that Kirk will return to his old habits and drop Ali for Vicky after spotting a connection. Megan M erupts once more with Ali accusing her of still having feelings for Jordan, whilst Bear leaves Holly devastated by ending their quick fling so he can concentrate on Vicky. After a hen night themed party, an emotional Kirk makes a move on Vicky but is left reeling after seeing her kissing Bear afterwards. Deciding he can't cope in the villa anymore, Kirk packs his bag and leaves.
23 7 Episode 7 September 22, 2015
Holly struggles to believe Bear's excuses as to why he doesn't want to be with her anymore, whilst Megan M's growing hatred towards Ali continues. A huge kick off in the villa reignites Megan R's drama with Megan M. Laura takes a liking to new boy Stephen despite him being her best friend Megan R's ex, so the pair's instant connection causes a stir within the villa. Vicky decides to get closer with Bear believing he's the one for her, whilst animosity is caused in the villa when Laura betrays her friend and attempts to get with Stephen despite promising not to make a move.
24 8 Episode 8 September 29, 2015
Cami-Li decides to leave the villa having accomplished her mission to ruin Kirk's life, and Vicky's temper is put to the test when Bear and Ali go on a date, but after hearing what the pair have been up to she's left with no choice but to erupt. Ali is given the chance to send an ex home and chooses Vicky, whilst Megan R and Laura desperately try and compete for Stephen's attention. Jemma's ex Rogan arrives on the beach and instantly connects with Megan M causing jealousy for Jordan. Back at the villa the tensions reach boiling point when Megan M and Jordan clash, then goes up to the penthouse with Rogan as an act of revenge.
25 9 Episode 9 October 6, 2015
Deciding that getting with Megan M is too much drama, Rogan sets his sights on Ali instead. Megan R, Laura and Stephen are sent on an awkward date in the treetops where their issues don't get resolved. Elsewhere Jordan rages after Megan M and Rogan kiss during a game of truth or dare, and he decides to play her at her own game. Stephen picks Laura but is left instantly regretting it, and Bear's ex-girlfriend Connie arrives to reveal she used to be Megan M's best friend before a betrayal, and there are fireworks when the pair eventually come face-to-face.
26 10 Episode 10 October 13, 2015
Megan M decides that she wants to win Jordan back but Griff is there to advise him against going back to her. As the group gather for the final banquet, Megan M and Connie finally put their differences aside, whilst a game of honesty explores some underlining issues. Laura is left red faced by Stephen, and Rogan is caught out winking at Megan M. With the tempers increasing, Rogan is put on the spot when Jordan demands an explanation for the wink, Griff stands up to Megan M, and Jordan confesses his feelings.

Series 4

Series 4 (EOTB)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
27 1 Episode 1 January 19, 2016
Eight new singles arrive at the beach looking for love but are all fully aware that their ex could be ready to strike at any moment. Olivia takes an instant liking to Scotty T, and after a successful date the pair end up getting physical in the bedroom. The arrival of Olivia's ex James turns the vibe in the villa upside down as Lewis immediately clashes with him over his treatment of women. Elsewhere Youssef tries his luck with Nancy-Mary, Naomi and Joe go on a date, and Lewis smashes the villa up during a heated row with James. Just as the atmosphere begins to settle, Kieran turns up on the beach as Helen's ex.
28 2 Episode 2 January 26, 2016
Scotty T turns his attention towards Nancy-May, and Helen is far from impressed at Kieran's attempt at an apology. As the group all head to a beach party they are unaware that another ex is waiting for them back at the villa. Naomi tries to mark her territory on Joe as she clashes with his ex-fling Gina which leads to an explosive confrontation, whilst James and Olivia call time on their relationship forever. Ashleigh's presence on the beach brings back memories for Scotty T, but there's chemistry between her and James. With Olivia's heart getting broken again, Helen and Lewis have no choice but to stand up to James.
29 3 Episode 3 February 2, 2016
James continues to make enemies in the house as the anger towards him builds, this time from Ashleigh following a small disagreement. Scotty T and Nancy-May grow closer until Lacey arrives as Youssef's ex and catches his eyes causing Nancy-May to see red. James is left devastated after catching Ashleigh kiss Lewis during a game of spin the bottle then take Joe up to the penthouse. Elsewhere Nancy-May and Lacey compete for Scotty T's attention but it's Lacey who seals the deal, and Ashleigh and James rekindle their romance. The Tablet of Terror forces Nancy-May to make an impossible decision as she sends Youssef packing.
30 4 Episode 4 February 9, 2016
Olivia is delighted when James agrees not to get with Ashleigh in front of her again but is quickly left humiliates when he goes back on his word. The love triangle between Scotty T, Lacey and Nancy-May continues but this time it's Nancy-May who ends up in bed with him. Lacey's ex-one night stand Jordan arrives at the villa with his girlfriend Megan in tow and the girls instantly go to war. Lewis tries his luck with Megan on their date who furiously reports back to Jordan. Elsewhere Scotty T makes amends with Lacey, and Lewis is forced to leave the villa following a violent confrontation between him and Jordan.
31 5 Episode 5 February 16, 2016
Lacey and Nancy-May both give Scotty T separate ultimatums leaving him torn over which one of them to choose. Gina sets her sights on Kieran as the pair are forced to spend the night in the villa alone together whilst the others go clubbing. The girls unite against James as he continues to cause trouble, whilst Kieran finally gives into temptation. Helen is over the moon when her ex-boyfriend Chet arrives and rekindle their relationship. Jordan gives Scotty T some much needed advice, and Kieran realises he's made a big mistake when Gina becomes obsessed with him launching an attack on Olivia for just flirting with him.
32 6 Episode 6 February 23, 2016
Gina and Olivia's feud escalates when Kieran makes his choice, whilst Jordan urges Scotty T and Nancy-May to work out their differences. James and Ashleigh's big date is ruined by the arrival of his ex-fling Kristina who he denies sleeping with. The group are divided as they're torn over who to believe, James or Kristina, and Scotty T bed hops again as he tries to satisfy both Nancy-May and Lacey. The tension between Megan and Naomi reaches boiling point and leads to an explosive argument between the pair, and Megan vows to pack her bags and return home.
33 7 Episode 7 March 1, 2016
Olivia decides to play with fire when she turns her attention back to Scotty T, meanwhile Gina welcomes her ex-boyfriend Alex with open arms. The Tablet of Terror forces Gina to send one of her exes home, so she chooses Joe, but instantly regrets it when Alex goes back on his word and stabs her in the back. After feeling isolated by her housemates, Kristina departs the villa, whilst Lacey and Nancy-May are forced to confront Scotty T over his treatment of them. Scotty T finally opens up to Nancy-May that he wants to be with her but is shocked when she rejects him.
34 8 Episode 8 March 8, 2016
Ashleigh and Scotty T take a trip down memory lane where they realise that their feelings may not have gone away. Lacey's last trip to the beach ends in disaster when her ex-boyfriend Brandon arrives to stir up trouble. Jordan proposes to Megan on her birthday and she says yes, meanwhile Brandon tries to get back in Lacey's good books., and Chet and Helen make things official. Nancy makes an accusation as she believes Ashleigh and Scotty T still love each other, Olivia and James have a final fallout, and Jordan and Megan get engaged.

Series 5

Series 5 (EOTB)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
35 1 Episode 1 August 16, 2016
Eight faces from the past return to the beach looking for another shot at love, and there's an instant spark between Jemma and Gaz who spend the first night in the penthouse together. Bear and Jordan's rivalry is reignited as both compete for Chloe's attention but receive no luck. Bear's ex Kayleigh arrives in the villa with a lot of enemies waiting to give her a frosty reception, whilst Liam and Olivia get cosy on a date. Jemma and Kayleigh's violent showdown is interrupted by the producers, Jess fears she's made a mistake by coming back to the beach, and Jemma's ex-boyfriend Hawley turns up to cause trouble.
36 2 Episode 2 August 23, 2016
Jemma and Hawley's clash at the beach is the talk of the villa, but her attention is elsewhere as she fears that Kayleigh is going to tell him the truth about her night with Gaz. Bear and Chloe continue to get on each other's nerves, and it all ends in tears for Hawley and Jemma when she confesses a long harboured secret to him. Gaz welcomes his ex Charlotte with open arms, Jemma flips when she realises Hawley wants revenge, and Bear is given the ultimate decision from the Tablet of Terror and sends Chloe home. Meanwhile Gaz ends up in the penthouse, this time with Olivia and Charlotte.
37 3 Episode 3 August 30, 2016
Jess packs her bags and leaves the villa having lost her best friend Chloe, whilst Olivia and Gaz continue to grow closer after going on another date. Holly returns to the beach as Bear's ex only to jump straight into a fist fight with arch rival Kayleigh. Jemma rages after discovering what Hawley has been up to with Holly on their date, meaning another violent confrontation is waiting for Holly back at the villa. Bear and Charlotte agree to pursue each other, and the arrival of Ashley has all of the girls weak at the knees. History repeats itself as Ashley snatches Olivia off Gaz and takes her to the penthouse, and Jemma inadvertently gives Hawley the green light.
38 4 Episode 4 September 6, 2016
Jemma's anger increases when she discovers that Holly and Hawley have slept together but is adament that he's using her as a pawn in his game. Gaz is left broken when his ex-girlfriend Lillie arrives on the beach looking for answers. Bear wastes no time in telling Lillie what her ex has been up to in the villa, and Jemma has a confession to make of her own. When Hawley warns Lillie about toxic Jemma, Holly demands to know why he's still bothered by her, and Olivia begins to feel guilty after hearing Lillie's side of the story over the Gaz breakup. Elsewhere, Charlotte is left devastated when she overhears Bear discussing his plans for Lillie, and Liam is sent packing.
39 5 Episode 5 September 13, 2016
There's clear tension in the air between Gaz and Lillie as both finally sit down and have a heart-to-heart where Lillie gets the closure she's been waiting for. Jemma and Hawley bury the hatchet much to the annoyance of Holly. Olivia is left red faced when Lillie finally discovers she's slept with Gaz. As Holly's ex-boyfriend Conor turns up, Jemma is quick to throw her under the bus by revealing what she's been up to in the villa. Elsewhere, Lillie is pushed to the limit when Bear dares her to kiss Gaz during a game of truth or dare, and Holly and Conor take swipes at each other in acts of revenge.
40 6 Episode 6 September 20, 2016
Bear and Hawley compete for Lillie's attentions as she's torn between both of them. Olivia and Gaz get closer but she's shocked at his sudden U-turn when his ex Chrysten turns up at the beach. After getting cozy with Charlotte, Jordan puts her to bed out of the way in order to try his luck with Chrysten. Lillie is distraught after Chrysten reveals she slept with Gaz while he was with her, and Hawley feels Jemma is manipulating Lillie when she begs her to stay away from him. In the wake of Chrysten's bombshell, Kayleigh and Gaz go head-to-head, and Gaz is forced to tell Lillie the truth.
41 7 Episode 7 September 27, 2016
Charlotte is sent into a spin when her ex-boyfriend Alex arrives on the beach wanting to rekindle things, but will she tell him what she's been up to in the villa? Bear decides he's bored of Lillie as his eyes sway towards Chrysten, and Holly's clash with Conor draws her towards Hawley once again. Kayleigh sees red when she catches Jemma and Ashley in bed together, and another violent showdown between the girls is too much for Jemma as she decides to leave the villa. Elsewhere Chrysten plays a dangerous game with Lillie, and the Tablet of Terror delivers another nasty surprise as Jordan is sent back into the sea.
42 8 Episode 8 October 4, 2016
History repeats itself for Lillie as Bear gets with Chrysten behind her back. Charlotte and Alex clash when she's finally honest with him over her fling with Bear and Jordan, whilst Holly is fuming when Conor finally confesses to cheating on her, and Chrysten feels guilty over her kiss with Bear. Aimee's arrival turns a knife in a sore wound for Holly, but Conor is determined to win her back. Kayleigh is delighted when her and Ashley move to a good place again, and following a fallout from Conor and Bear, he exposes the secret fling with Chrysten to the group leaving Lillie heartbroken again.
43 9 Episode 9 October 11, 2016
After getting nowehre with Lillie or Chrysten, Bear tries his luck with Aimee. Gaz is panic struck with Melissa arrives on the beach as his ex, forcing him to make another confession to Lillie before Melissa does. An old feud between Kayleigh and Melissa is reignited when the competition for Ashley heats up, and Gaz and Lillie end up back in each other's arms. Olivia vows to have more fun and turns to Bear for support, but is left drawn back to Gaz. Elsewhere the group go paint balling, Conor and Holly continue to bicker, and a betrayed Lillie puts on a brave face in front of Melissa.
44 10 Episode 10 October 18, 2016
Melissa and Kayleigh fail to settle their differences during a heated chat, whilst Aimee and Bear spend the night together. Melissa exacts revenge on Kayleigh by stealing Ashley off her, and Joss is the final ex to arrive, much to the delight of Lillie. Kayleigh breaks down when she learns of Ashley and Melissa's kiss. When Melissa considers taking Gaz to the penthouse, a furious Ashley publicly humiliates her turning the whole villa against her. Elsewhere Aimee confronts Bear after seeing him get cosy with Lillie again, and Ashley hosts an awards ceremony where Gaz and Conor clash.

Series 6

Series 6 (EOTB)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
45 1 Episode 1 January 17, 2017
A new batch of singles arrive on the beach and are instantly rocked by the news that their exes are on their way. Sean finds himself caught in the middle of Maisie and Zahida who both fight for his attention, but it's Zahida who gets him in the penthouse. Things are turned upside down when Zahida's ex-boyfriend Joe turns up on the beach and flips at the news of her night of passion with Sean. Desperate for revenge, Maisie and Joe head to the penthouse where Zahida attempts to sabotage their night together. Elsewhere Ross and Harriette grow close, Zaralena causes tension, and Nicole arrives on the beach as Josh's ex.
46 2 Episode 2 January 24, 2017
Harriette panics when she fears that Ross's attention may sway towards Nicole. An out of control Joe loses his temper once again with Zahida causing him to smash up the villa, but following the destruction he finally confesses his true feelings towards her before packing his bags to get away. Harriette is sent into a spin when her ex-boyfriend Jack arrives at the beach determined to win her back, and she ditches Ross in order to rekindle their rocky romance. Zahida and Sean continue to grow closer, and Alex is overcome with emotions when his ex-girlfriend Alice makes a shock arrival at the villa, and he pleads for her to take him back.
47 3 Episode 3 January 31, 2017
Harriette begins to feel guilty for dropping Ross for Jack so decides to U-turn and give him another chance. Zahida becomes obsessive over Sean unaware that it's actually Zaralena that he likes. Alex and Alice fail to patch things up before the Tablet of Terror throws another devilish twist leading to Alex's departure. Zahida turns psycho with Maisie for kissing Sean during a game of spin the bottle, and rages again after Sean's feelings for Zaralena are revealed. The villa is rocked once more with the arrival of Maisie's ex-one night stand Aaron who is instantly attracted to Zaralena. Elsewhere Jack ups his game as he tries to wipe out the competition.
48 4 Episode 4 February 7, 2017
Nicole panics when another one of her exes is unearthed and it's clear his intentions are to cause trouble for her. Zahida's jealousy towards Zaralena increases when she fears that she's about to steal Sean away from her, and Nicole is distraught to hear a shock truth about an ex. Jack and Adam drip poison in Josh's ear when they realise he's getting closer to Nicole again, and Aaron confronts Zahida for isolating Zaralena. Elsewhere Maisie offers herself on a plate to Aaron, and Jack and Harriette clash once more.
49 5 Episode 5 February 14, 2017
The villa is rocked when the next ex arrives with unfinished business as Zaralena fears Aaron will push her aside for Becca. Aaron breaks down when him and Becca attempt to chat about their relationship. Elsewhere Nicole rejects both Adam and Josh, and Ross reaches breaking point when Harriette continues to obsess over Jack's actions. Aaron rages when he discovers Becca has kissed Jack before they've had a chance to settle their differences, and Nicole worries they're only arguing because they're still in love with each other.
50 6 Episode 6 February 21, 2017
Zaralena decides to back off from Aaron when she realises that it's clear he and Becca has unfinished business. Nicole is sick to the stomach when her ex-boyfriend Jacques arrives at the beach and she's quick to confront him over the cheating rumours Adam has started. Jacques firmly denies the rumours before rekindling the romance with Nicole, only to be rocked when he discovers she's kissed Jack during a game of spin the bottle. After Becca has a heart-to-heart with Aaron about her feelings, she chooses Jack to go to the penthouse with her.
51 7 Episode 7 February 28, 2017
Fed up of the drama, Zaralena decides to leave the villa. Jack is caubght in the middle as Aaron and Becca are at each other's throats again. Jacques is in a state of shock when Frankie arrives at the beach determined to tell Nicole the truth about her cheating ex. Nicole is knocked for six when Jacques makes a big confession to her about Ibiza, and Frankie walks into a warzone as Nicole launches an attack on her. Jacques is public enemy number one when the girls wreak revenge on him for disrespecting Nicole, whilst Ross and Harriette put an end to their brief fling.
52 8 Episode 8 March 7, 2015
The feud between Nicole and Frankie continues. Jacques has no choice but to pack his bags when the Tablet of Terror gives Sean the power to send somebody home. Chanelle arrives in the villa as the ex-girlfriend of Josh and she's desperate for revenge. Elsewhere Ross and Harriette rekindle their romance, and Chanelle sets her sights on Sean. Nicole is left in doubt whether to trust Adam or not, and Chanelle has a violent confrontation with Zahida before she announces that she's had enough. Becca is torn between Aaron and Ross, and the group are happy to see Chanelle go.
53 9 Episode 9 March 14, 2015
The rift between Aaron and Becca widens. After seeing her fighting the night before, Sean's attempts at distancing himself from Zahida don't go to plan when he ends up in bed with her again. Josh is disappointed when his ex-girlfriend Jenny arrives and is more interested in Aaron, and Becca is livid to find out the pair have had a successful first date. Ross ends things with Harriette following another drama with Jack, and Becca and Aaron have another public heated discussion. Maisie's ex-boyfriend Sam arrives and Zahida is quick to throw her under the bus by revealing all her secrets from the villa.
54 10 Episode 10 March 21, 2017
With Zahida and Sean closer than ever before, it's not long before the final ex throws a spanner in the works. Aaron and Becca finally give each other the closure they need during a trip down memory lane, and Nicole confesses her love for Adam. Zahida is left red faced when she discovers that Sean wants to get back with Taylor, but he's completely unaware that he's just a pawn in Taylor's game as she plots revenge. A huge confrontation on the final night sees Taylor expose Sean's true colours as the whole villa turn against him, and the Tablet of Terror drops a bombshell on Harriette and Ross.

Series 7

Series 7 (EOTB)